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Welcome to the Virtual Learning Centre created by Studio One Photography

Every day we can learn something new no matter how good we think we are. That has always been my mindset even when I started as an apprentice photographer over 30 years ago. Having learned my skills as a photographer and proved my creativity, a few years later I also got involved with video. This was great for a while but then more advancements with technology offered a whole new way of looking at photographs to make you think you are virtually there.

For me this was an opportunity too good to miss and I started to learn how to create 360 degree virtual tours. Our clients appreciate the fact that we don't just do the same old thing year in year out. They still require traditional photography and video but they get to benefit from my hunger for new innovation. Their websites benefit from our creativity.

So… let me introduce you to the Virtual Learning Centre.

This combines all of the skill sets from our company Studio One Photography Ltd. At the touch of a screen or click of a mouse you are guided through different work environments which we recognise as Virtual Tours.

The photography is high quality and created with good lighting techniques. We have added video tutorials for the viewer to watch and learn new processes. We have added “clickable” tabs on posters and information so that they jump forward so the viewer can read the information. At the end of the tour you can then test what you have learned.

We have even flown through classrooms with our other new skills set as a “drone pilot”

Whether watching it from your classroom, sat on your sofa or bed or travelling home… it will be interesting and informative. If you can’t remember certain things in the tutorials simply go back to that area and watch the videos again.

If you are just starting out at college or in a new job role it gives you first hand experience to that area and helps familiarise you with the environment and processes you will be working in.

I hope you enjoy your experience.

Paul Harrison, Studio One Photography