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Plumbing Test

Welcome to Cheshire College South & West Virtual Learning HUB. To make life a little easier we have created interactive classroom tours know as “Virtual Learning” areas. We have developed this system with one of our working partners Studio One Photography Ltd and are proud to be the first College in the UK to have this facility. Our aim is making your visit to each classroom as real and as informative as possible to help you decide what you would like to study. Once you have chosen your future skill, you can revisit the classroom tour and complete our test which will be part of your induction to the chosen course. If at any point you need to speak to someone, you can phone 01270 654654 where a member of staff will be happy to assist.

Q1) Name the 3 items of PPE required when entering the Plumbing department.

Question 1

Q2) Just before starting work you need to apply which cream?

Question 2

Q3) What kind of gas is in the blow lamp?

Question 3

Q4) What do you use to take any fumes away when soldering?

Question 4

Q5) The college conduct poster: How many codes of conduct were there?

Question 5

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